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SEO Leeds
CGO Media has been an established SEO company for over 10 years, providing a bespoke, high quality SEO service to various clients across various cities in the UK, as well as Europe. Our specialist SEO service is now available to all businesses of all sizes in Leeds and Yorkshire, with plans to expand further. Our growth is simply down to customer retention, and the high quality service we provide to our clients.



2014-03-04 08:56:15


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Re: good

Diet pills - an aid not the answer to losing weight

To get to the point, if your health is at risk due to being obese, talking to your doctor about taking a prescription appetite suppressant is worth considering. We cannot say it enough, don't fall into the hype and claims that taking a diet pill will help you to lose weight miraculously and quickly with little effort.

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Re: good

Bound Resin Information

The system uses high tech epoxy resin to completely bind natural aggregate into a beautiful, uniform paving solution. Bound resin surfaces are ideal for driveways, foot paths and patio areas. We have twelve standard finishes available, we can also create your very own bespoke finish with or without decorative features.
Key Features of  Bound Resin Surfacing

    Permeable – Eliminate standing water and puddles
    Seamless Finish – Ideal for wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles
    Low Maintenance – Virtually no ongoing maintenance is required
    Choice – Large range of colour options
    Stability – No loose surface stone, colour remains true in sunlight, crack resistant
    Traction – Provides excellent traction in winter for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic

    Add value to your home with a beautiful bound resin drive, path or patio. Non slip, no standing water or puddles and eco friendly.

Permeable Surface Planning Guidance

After the changes to the permitted development rights planning laws in 2008, owners wishing to re surface gardens and driveways without planning consent must use a permeable paving solution such as our bound resin surfaces. This means you won’t have to apply for planning permission.

Traditional type surfacing such as tarmac, block paving or concrete require planning consent if the area is over 5 Square Meters. This involves having scaled pans drawn up, a planning application fee and up to 8 weeks delay before a planning decision follows.

Bound resin surfaces require no planning consent.
Why use a Permeable Paving Solution?

Flooding has caused misery and disruption to countless people and billions of pounds in damage. Often this is caused because drainage systems were unable to cope with increased rainfall and non permeable paving solutions in towns and cities. Traditional surfaces such as tarmac, block paving and concrete have put our ageing drainage systems under increased pressure and significantly increase the flood risk.

SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) are a number of water management practices and facilities designed to allow surface water to drain in a way that provides a more sustainable way than the conventional practice of routing water through run-off pipes and water courses. Our bound resin surfacing is fully compliant with SUDS.

Resin bound Surfacing is permeable, thus allowing surface water to drain through the surface and back into the water table. The finish is also more attractive and flexible than concrete and other traditional surfaces.

Add Value to Your Home. Our highly attractive finishes add real ‘wow factor’ to your home. Whether it’s a home improvement for your enjoyment or in preparation for a sale, our beautiful drives, paths and patios can add significant value to a property.

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Re: good

With the average Pet insurance claim for a dog being £469 and on-going claims sometimes costing thousands, it is important that you make sure your pet is adequately covered so that you don’t end up being stuck with ever-increasing vets bills. For example, on average a cat or dog with diabetes will cost £9,307 totreat over the course of their life.
In some cases pets will require treatment for the remainder of their life once a problem is diagnosed. Be aware that almost all pet insurance plans will not offer cover for a pre-existing condition so ensure that you have cover in place to protect you!
Pet Insurance can protect you for a number of different things besides vet fees:
•    Medication & Prescription Food: If your dog falls ill, your vet may need to either prescribe medication and/or specialist food to aid their recovery. While the initial cost may be small, ongoing prescriptions will inevitably be costly and could become an additional monthly home expenditure.
•    Third Party Libility: Many pet insurance policies cover up to £2m for third party liability claims; this covers the cost of legal action or compensatory claims that may arise from your pet injuring a person or other animal, damaging third party property or causing an accident. While this will exclude incidents involving your family or anyone working for you/on your premises, these claims still tend to be extremely high value and costly.
•    Emergency Boarding Fees: Many policies include cover for the cost of boarding kennel fee’s for emergency situations such as: you being too ill or unwell to care for your dog, your local licensed kennel refusing to look after your dog due to a condition they have etc.
•    Lost & Found/Death Benefit: Some policies will have built in cover to help you pay for the cost of advertising or reward should your pet be lost or stolen. Others will also include a ‘death benefit’ should your pet pass away or need to be put to sleep, that you can choose to use to help cover the costs surrounding this.
There are various different levels/types of cover to suit all needs and wallets! The 3 most recognized types of cover are Lifetimes, Condition Capped and Time Limited, which we have outlined below:
•    Time Limited: Often the cheapest form of pet insurance available, with prices starting as low as £6 a month. However, the main restriction to be aware of with this type of cover is that any conditions your pet suffers from will only be covered for (typically) 12 months, and after that you will no longer be able to claim (and likely not be able to obtain cover for this condition elsewhere). For example, if your Time Limited policy covers you for £3000 a year and your pet breaks their leg, you can claim up to £3000 for this leg (assuming no other claims) but after 12 months you will no longer be able to claim.
•    Condition Capped: These policy are a middle ground between Time Limited and Lifetime cover; you still benefit from paying less than a Lifetime Cover policy, although all conditions typically have a maximum amount you can claim for. After this max amount has been hit, you will no longer be able to claim for this condition regardless of whether or not your renew with your provider. In other words, if your condition cap is £2000, after you have claimed £2000 for a certain condition, you will no longer be able to claim.
•    Lifetime: This form of cover is considered the best and most thorough form of pet insurance. These policies are designed to cover your pet should they develop a long term/recurring illness, as they will pay out for such conditions for the en tireity of your pets life (subject to the cover limits and assuming you remain continuosly covered by the same insurer).
While Time Limited will stop paying for a condition after 12 months and condition capped will stop paying after a certain limit has been reached, the limitation in a lifetime cover policy applies to the maximum amount you can claim each year. In other words, if your lifetime policy has a £10,000 annual limit, you can typically claim for as many conditions as you wish long as they do not exceed £10,000 in total between them.

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Re: good

An oil painting support is any surface that oil paint can be applied to. There are a variety of different surfaces that artists use to paint on. Everything from certain woods, canvas, and even metals can serve as supports for oil paint. This article will introduce you to those various supports and hopefully help you decide which support is best for your style of oil painting.


Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. The plants are harvested and then left to soak in water until the outside of the plant rots away leaving the fibers underneath. The fibers are then processed into yarns or threads which are then woven into canvas. The fibers of the flax plant are long and quite strong and make for a very interesting and durable painting support. Paintings executed on this surface have withstood the test of time. It is for this reason that linen canvas is a favorite amongst professional oil painters. Unfortunately linen canvas is rather expensive and may not be the best option for beginners. If you are interested in learning more about linen canvas, check your local art store or go online and do a search. There are a variety of different linen canvases available, from rolled canvas to pre-stretched. It comes primed for acrylic and oils, or you can get it unprimed as well.

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Re: good

FIFA's most up-to-date set with their franchise, FIFA tough luck is the actual communicate of community because it is a follower of closely inside the heels with the each profitable FIFA 14. The new game some sort of development of Vapor Martial arts disciplines had been introduced with September 2012 as well as had been warmly acquired simply by soccer enthusiasts around the globe. It features prime favorite coaches and teams just like Arsenal, Juventus ALTERNATING CURRENT Milan as well as Manchester Area thus providing enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in economical soccer utilizing associates coming from around the globe.

Becoming a on the internet party, the actual FIFA adventures franchise is favored in the world together with enthusiasts getting qualified to engage in competitively amidst numerous states provided that some people connect just one terminology cheap fifa 15 ultimate coins what is going on soccer. FIFA tough luck is usually fifa 15 ultimate team coins for sale considered to be by far the most traditional on the internet soccer game because fifa 15 coins online xbox it consists of every one of the big leagues which can be presently within the first FIFA using the soccer human body confirming the actual lineup at their standard web site.




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