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SOCHI Air Max 2018 Sale , Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of men's short track speed skating 1500 meters final here on Monday:

1. Charles Hamelin, Canada, 2:14.985

2. Han Tianyu, China, 2:15.055

3. Victor An, Russia, 2:15.062

4. J.r. Celski, United States Air Max 2017 Sale , 2:15.624

5. Chen Dequan, China, 2:15.626

6. Lee Hanbin, South Korea, 2:16.466

7. Jack Whelbourne, Britain, did not finish

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of National Basketball Association games on Tuesday:

Cleveland bt Toronto 105-101

Portland bt Detroit 98-86

Memphis bt Dallas 114-105

New Orleans bt New York 104-93

Oklahoma City bt Milwaukee 114-101

Miami bt Phoenix 103-97

Utah bt San Antonio 100-96

LA Lakers bt Sacramento 98-95

by Yang Dingdu

In a workshop of Varamin County Air Max 90 Sale , southwest of Tehran, Mojtaba sits on an unfinished carpet, extending one leg out so that he can bend over to seam the edge stitch by stitch.

Mojtaba, 35, has developed a knack for staying in this twisted form for hours while tolerating the numbness and pain in his back and joints. "My father was a weaver. I followed him into this career. I like it," He says.

Mojtaba is only one of over one million people working in Iran' s carpet industry. Carpet weaving has become a key source of jobs and income for needy Iranians, giving them support and hope to wade through the hard times brought by sanctions.

For hundreds of years, Iranians have been weaving carpets to make ends meet. In a traditional Iranian household Air Max Sale , the wife weaves carpet at home to help the family while her husband toils outside.


"Iranians are born on carpets. When they die, they are covered by carpets. Carpet is part of their life," says Hamid Karghar, head of Iran National Carpet Center.

Under the scorching sun, an old man is stirring clusters of wool threads in a boiling pool of red dye in the Varamin workshop. "I don't feel tired. I just want to dye them well," said Gholam, who has been dying wool threads, raw material for carpets Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes Sale , in Varamin for 23 years.

The dying pools, 1.5 meters in diameter, are more like giant pots of extra hot fruit juice. There is no odor of chemicals but pleasant smell of fruits and nuts. "We use natural colors, extracted from walnuts, pomegranates, grapes and madder roots," Gholam said.

Owner of the workshop Hossein Arab watched closely behind Gholam to make sure that he got the color right. "It is the most delicate work that requires much experience."

Carpet weaving in Varamin goes back to 600 years ago, according to Arab Nike Air Max 2017 Shoes Sale , whose family has been in the business for generations. Some experts believe the Pazyryk Carpet from 5th century B.C., the oldest surviving carpet in the world, originated from Iran although it was found in Siberia, because it has patterns similar to ancient Persian architecture.

Arab has some Varamin carpets, featuring geometric patterns with repeated medallions and dark red or blue background in his warehouse. However, more carpets there have distinct features that suggest diverse origins.

Like most dealers, Arab purchases carpets from all parts of the country. He visits farmhouses in northeast Mashad, tribal huts in northwest Tabriz and desert dwellings in southwest Kerman where women weaved carpets at home after chores.

About 18 of Iran's 31 provinces have carpet industry. Each of them has its own signature carpet style Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Sale , according to Mohammad- Reza Abed, general manager of Iran Carpet Company.

"In provinces, cities and villages across the country, people are involved in or familiar with carpet weaving. They developed motifs, designs and patterns that reflect their part of Iranian culture," Karghar said.


Before walking onto a hand woven carpet, Mohammad Ali Babaei always takes off his shoes because he knows how much effort has been put into it.

"It takes six months for a weaver to finish a half-square-meter carpet of good quality," Babaei Nike Air Max Shoes Sale , expert of Iran Carpet Comapny, said.

In the exhibition hall of Iran Carpet Company in central Tehran, Babaei buries his head over a silk carpet, examining the back of it with a magnifier. One, two, three... He counted 10 knots in one centimeter.

While Iranian carpets are generally known for durability and aesthetic value, silk carpets are especially precious not just for their more expensive material but also for extra intricate and lustrous patterns that change hue with light. Silk carpets also have very tender, smooth and cool feeling to the skin.

The carpets Babaei examined were silk ones from Qom Air Max 2018 Shoes Sale , central Iran's religious center. All of them are priced over 5,000 U.S. dollars apiece. However, only a small part of that money goes to the weaver who spent months, even years to complete one carpet, Babaei said.

As carpets become increasingly more expensive, some Iranians hoard them as a way of investment to preserve the value of their assets against the country's chronic rampant inflation. Babaei still keeps some carpets he bought more than 40 years ago with receipts.

The artistic value of Iranian carpets is also recognized in the world. Iranian carpets are collected by some of the world's premium museums such as the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Iranian companies also export custom-made super large carpets for religious centers in Middle East. Iran Carpet Company weaved a carpet of 4,800 square meters for Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman and another of 6,000 square meters for the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Both were among the largest in the world Air Max 2017 Shoes Sale , the chief of the company said.

A 17th-century Persian carpet from southeast Iran's Kerman was sold for 33.8 million U.S. dollars in an auction in New York in 2013, setting a record for the most expensive carpet in the world.


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