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BEIJING nike air max 2017 kpu uk , Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Ma Yonggang collected a bumper crop of 3 tonnes of corn from five mu (0.33 hectares) of farmland last autumn. Yet, the harvest brought him no joy as the corn price was 20 percent lower than last year.

"This is the lowest price I have seen in about 10 years," said the farmer from Qihe County in east China's Shandong Province. "Added to this, it costs more to pay workers, and buy fertilizer and pesticide."

Multiple factors, including consecutive good harvests, healthy state inventories and lower prices of imports nike air max 2017 grey womens uk sale , led to declines in domestic crop prices, said Zheng Yiguang, deputy director of Qihe County Grain Bureau.

Dai Jiafa, a farmer from Hanshan County, Anhui Province, said he had found it difficult selling the crops he had grown on the 110 hectares of farmland he leased.

Dai even suffered losses last year as he had to sell his crops at a discount as he had no storage and drying facilities.

"Production is no worry, but I am worried about the price nike air max 2017 grey womens uk ," Dai said.

Ma and Dai, like others in China, have pinned their hopes on a new agricultural policy, which may help them.

China's central authorities on Wednesday released an annual policy document with focuses on agriculture and rural issues. This year it identified supply-side reform as a way to boost agricultural modernization.

Agriculture is a significant issue in the world's most populous nation, mired by problems including low farmer income, pollution and ineffective supply of farm produce.

Upholding an innovative, coordinated nike air max 2017 grey uk , green, open and shared development concept, the central government called for faster transformation of agricultural models and vowed "marked progress" in agriculture by 2020 to ensure the society becomes moderately prosperous.

Hu Dongsheng, head of the provincial grain bureau in Heilongjiang, the country's largest grain-producing region, said the government should continue to set a minimum price to support the domestic grain market, otherwise farmers' enthusiasm and food security might be affected.

Xu Xueqi nike air max 2017 green womens uk sale , a manager with Dalian Wanrun Grains Co. Ltd. said the government must subsidize farm produce exports, otherwise exports could be affected.

The document also called for more support to encourage rural e-commerce and reduce logistics costs.

Wei Yan'an, head of the village affairs department with Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, said that e-commerce can help supply-side reform.

Some farmers can sell their products on e-commerce platforms and information gathered by the platforms can also help reshape the production line to avoid blind production, said Wei.

"E-commerce can not only reshape the agricultural industry, but also nurture new industries to help create jobs for rural workers and revive the countryside economy,"Wei said.

"Local governments can choose to bring in large e-commerce platforms while supporting small local e-commerce shops nike air max 2017 green womens uk ," he said.

LILONGWE, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- The world's largest humanitarian agency, World Food Program (WFP), has reduced provisions of some food stuffs to 23,500 refugees living at Dzaleka Camp in Malawi due to inadequate funding.

A joint statement released by the agency, UNDP and UNCHR on Tuesday said the suspension of some food stuffs has been going on for the past six months and the refugees have been only receiving three of the five planned foods.

The statement says even the pulse, vegetable oil and maize are being provided at half the planned amount.

The UN agencies have warned that the situation could have severe consequences for the displaced people nike air max 2017 green uk , most of whom are women and children.

"WFP requires 2 million U.S. dollars to resume provision of full food rations for the next 12 months," says the statement, adding stocks of a special nutritious food (Super Cereal Plus) for young children were depleted last September.

The statement says rations cut means that refugees are only receiving 40 percent of the recommended minimum daily kilocalories, compromising long-standing efforts to achieve food security in Dzaleka Camp.

The UN agencies further warn that without additional funding, maize stocks, even at half rations, are set to run out in mid-February while stocks of vegetable oil nike air max 2017 flyknit womens uk sale , pulse and Super Cereal are likely to be depleted by May.

"The situation is becoming dire," the statement said quoting UNCHR Representative for Malawi, Monique Ekoko. "Many of the most vulnerable, including children, the chronically ill, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and the elderly are at the blink of malnutrition."

The agencies observe that when rations are reduced nike air max 2017 flyknit womens uk , protection concerns increase in the camp.

According to the statement, lack of food was one of the main drivers of sexual and gender-based violence among the refugees.

WFP Representative for Malawi, Coco Uchiyama has made an urgent appeal for funding to restore adequate food assistance and support for a safe environment in refugee camps, especially for women and girls.

The Malawi government has pledged to continue to meet its international obligations towards refugees but the government has stressed the need for continued support from WFP and UNCHR.

"We are appealing to the international community to provide the necessary funding so that refugee families in Malawi do not go to bed hungry," said Principal Secretary for Home Affairs Ministry and Commissioner for Refugees in Malawi.

Malawi, a sub-Saharan developing country with a population of around 16 million is currently facing challenges of food insecurity following devastating floods and drought that hit the country in 2015 and left 2.8 million people in dire need of food assistance.

The country hosts 23,500 refugees and asylum seekers mostly from the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa regions.

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