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WASHINGTON Vans Perf Leather Old Skool Zip White Clearance , Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- U.S. researchers said Thursday they have developed a novel method involving a bacterial protein called flagellin to prevent and cure rotavirus infection, which is among the most common causes of severe diarrhea.

The method, described in the U.S. journal Science, stopped rotavirus by rapidly inducing an immune response that would normally be activated by select bacteria.

The research was led by Andrew Gewirtz and Benyue Zhang of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University.

Rotavirus is most problematic in infants and young children Online Vans Old Skool Leather Zip White , who can become severely dehydrated and require hospitalization.

Rotavirus causes about 500,000 deaths annually worldwide in children younger than five years of age, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the new research, the researchers studied the effects of flagellin Vans Old Skool Pro Black Gum Shoes Sale , the main component of flagella, or the hair-like appendages that allow bacteria to move around and sense their environment, on rotavirus-infected mice.

They found flagellin triggered the innate immune system, which provides an immediate response to pathogens Wholesale Vans LXVI Old Skool Lite Black White , to produce two proteins known as interleukin-22 and interleukin-18.

Interleukin-22 prevented the virus from entering cells while interleukin-18 eliminated the virus from cells that are already infected.

Consequently, the antiviral effect of the bacterial protein was fully recapitulated by use of the interleukin proteins.

"We've described a completely novel way to combat a viral infection by use of a bacterial-derived activator of the immune system," Gewirtz said. "It's analogous to equipping an NFL defense with baseball bats. Blatant violation of all the rules but yet, at least in this case Clearance Vans Leather Old Skool Reissue DX Black , very effective."

The researchers expected the new method might be effective against a range of chronic viral infections of the digestive system such as norovirus and hepatitis C virus.

The team is now planning studies in humans to test this hypothesis.

Francois Fillon, a conservative reformist promising to shrink the French state, on Sunday clinched the rightwing nomination for next year's presidential election with a resounding victory over his rival Alain Juppe.

Ex-prime minister Fillon, 62 adidas stan smith australia , will now become a favourite to be France's next leader after winning the US-style primary to pick the nominee of the Republicans party and its allies.

  French member of Parliament and candidate for the right-wing primaries ahead of France's 2017 presidential elections, Francois Fillon delivers a speech following the first results of the primary's second round on November 27, 2016 (AFP PhotoEric Feferberg)

Near-complete results showed him winning 66.5 percent of the vote, with ballots counted from 9 adidas superstar black australia ,915 polling stations out of 10,229.

In a victory speech, the amateur rally driver said he had "torn up all the pre-written scripts" as he sped past his rivals in the last weeks of the campaign.

"France can no longer bear its decline. France wants the truth and France wants action," he told cheering supporters after Juppe adidas superstar white australia , a centrist, conceded defeat.

The French presidential vote is seen as a key test for mainstream political parties after the success of Donald Trump and the Brexit campaign in Britain, both of which harnessed anti-elite anger.

Fillon will face fierce competition in the election in April and May from far-right leader Marine Le Pen, the anti-establishment candidate hoping to emulate Trump's shock victory in the US.

Fillon said a win for the anti-EU Le Pen would spell "bankruptcy".

Promising to be the candidate of "all those who in their hearts are proud to be French adidas superstar gold stripe australia ," he pledged to turn the page on a "pathetic" Socialist presidency.

Turnout in the primary stood at around four million, roughly the same as in the first round of voting a week ago when Fillon came from behind to lead a field of seven candidates.

The prime minister from 2007-12 has warned that France is "on the verge of revolt" and believes his plan to slash 500,000 public sector jobs and increase working hours is the tonic needed to kickstart the economy.

The devout Catholic has also taken a hard line on immigration and Islam in France, telling newcomers to the country last week that "when you enter someone else's house you do not take over."

- 'Brutal' candidate? -

Voting in northwest Paris adidas superstar australia , Christophe Mordelet, a 45-year-old human resources manager, sai.



2018-04-28 03:47:18



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