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Mainstream fashion is what most people follow because it's popular and 'in'. That may be so but if you really want to stand out Kyle Beckerman USA Jersey , you need to be a trendsetter and not a follower. The 'in' thing today is going green with more people using energy friendly appliances, less water and driving fuel efficient cars. So why not apply the trend to fashion?

Earth friendly fibers are what to look out for. They're natural, grown organically and are less irritating to sensitive skin. The products are not dirt cheap but neither are they exorbitantly priced like fashion brands. What's more, they tend to last longer.

Certain fiber derivatives are considered earth friendly. Synthetics do not count. Take a look at this list of natural fibers and why you should start a trend around them.

Organic cotton

Ordinary cotton – even 100 percent cotton clothing – is not grown organically. This means they're laced with herbicides Kellyn Acosta USA Jersey , pesticides and synthetic chemicals. While you may not be allergic or suffer noticeable health conditions, cultivating the crop using chemicals depletes soil nutrients and increases erosion. With organic cotton, farmers tend to use crop rotation, a method of farming where different crops are cultivated on a cycle which prevents erosion and nutrient depletion.


Not a choice for vegans Justin Morrow USA Jersey , wool is nevertheless one of the best fibers used in clothing. It's extremely durable, water repellent and UV protective. Its insulates and doesn't feel clammy even when damp. If you're worried about unhealthy sheep rearing practices, opt for companies that use only cruelty-free wool.


Once considered a plant used only to produce cannabis, hemp has amazing properties which has propelled it into being a highly sought-after fiber. It's even used in construction!

Hemp resists mold which means bacteria do not form. This in turn prevents odor so people suffering from body odor will benefit the most. Its resilience to pests negates the need to use pesticides and artificial fertilizers so soil nutrition is maintained and erosion reduced.


Fibers derived from bamboo have a silky feel similar to nylon but without the synthetic properties. Like hemp Julian Green USA Jersey , it's resilient to bacteria – which is why it's a common building material in certain countries – and absorbs sweat. It acts as a protective UV shield too. But perhaps the biggest benefit of wearing bamboo derived clothes is that the plant is listed as one of the fastest growing plants in the world. This means no need for fertilizers and pesticides despite a high yield.


Soy-based clothing is not made directly from the plant but rather from the byproduct produced in soy bean oil production (even more eco friendly!) The result is clothing with a soft elastic feel that's not quite as durable as cotton or hemp but largely biodegradable. Like other natural fibers, it absorbs moisture well and is UV resistant.

Recycled PET plastic

Though not natural, recycled PET plastic deserves mention because it does a lot to reduce the load on landfills and extend the life of PET plastic. You'll recognize PET from many of the plastic bottles and food containers you use every day. Once discarded, they can be repurposed into durable clothing that's also safe to wear. In fact Juan Agudelo USA Jersey , virgin polyester clothing uses 30 percent more energy than recycled PET clothing.

To ensure that you actually purchase sustainable clothing, look for the GOTS certification or similar standards that confirm products are made from organic fibers or are 100 percent recycled.
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