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COTONOU, May 24 (Xinhua) -- Benin health authorities on Monday declared the end of the Lassa hemorrhagic fever outbreak that claimed the lives of 28 people in the country.

""On this Monday 23, May 2016, I declare the end of the Lassa viral fever outbreak in Benin,"" a stamped release issued by the acting Minister of Health Ange N'Koue said.

According to the release, Lassa fever has been present in Benin this year from January 3 to April 10 and claimed the lives of 28 people out of a total of 54 cases of disease recorded.

""After the last case treated on April 10, no other case of this disease has been recorded in Benin until this present day Monday, May 23, 2016,"" the same source said.

However, it pointed out that international health regulations require two-fold 21 days monitoring before asserting a new case of the disease.

""This compliance with health regulations has led today to get over with the Lassa viral fever after the observation from April 10 to May 22 this year,"" Benin health authorities explained, adding that this does not mean the country is safe from the risk of the disease.

In January this year, Benin announced the outbreak of the Lassa fever after a pregnant woman with signs of the disease died in the hospital Saint Martin of Papane at Tchaourou, in north of the country. In the meantime, six healthcare staff members of the hospital showed similar symptoms.

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