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High Quality Electric Drill

Product Description
Rated Volatge:220-240V
Rated Input Power:1100W
Drilling diameter:1-13mm
No Load Speed:0-950R/min

Drill maintenance
Electric drill due to ventilation and heat, long-term use of very large internal dust, dust and gears (bearings) will slip on the lubricating oil mixed deterioration of dry wear and increase wear and tear, especially the alternative to use even worse. In order to ensure the rotation precision of the electric drill and reduce the excessive clearance caused by the abrasion of the bearing (sleeve), it is very necessary to keep the clean interior and greasing lubrication.
Loosen the drill outside a few self-tapping screws or screws; lay flat to lift half of the shell; general structure of the new type of hand drill is semi-embedded, that is, all the machines, electrical components are installed in the other half of the shell
Carefully remove the carbon brush, and then take the drill chuck this end, and then gently lift the motor to remove the rotor (do not touch the enameled wire), clear the commutator rotor (with carbon brush contact that is), if dirty Or wear and tear can be polished with emery cloth and then sandpaper or metallurgy sanding to light.
Rotor before and after the bearing if the seal can be wiped clean the outside, if the seal should be replaced promptly broken. Wipe the helical gear shaft in front of the rotor
Clean the oil inside the case. Clean the helical gear and the bearings (or bushings) on both ends of the drill chuck rod.
Reinstall the unloaded parts, first install the rotor; then install the drill chuck helical gear; equipped with carbon brushes, carbon brushes shorter than 7-8 mm to be replaced in time. Brush to be flattened, and finally find a little "Mobil" or "Shell" grease added between the gear and bearing (or sleeve) All parts to be flattened Check the correct installation of the other half, Tighten the screws, hand movement feel no delay, it can power test.High Quality Electric Drill



2018-05-21 02:50:52



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